Computer Hardware Design

CHD is the largest supplier of retail automation equipment such as POS systems, bar code readers and printers, electronic scales, electronic cash registers, computers and software in Latvia. CHD works to be the provider of total solutions for major retail companies and chains.
CHD distributes general retail automation products and materials via a network of dealers. The highly advanced automation systems are sold, installed and maintained directly.


CHD is selling products of own brand name as well as products of such very well known worldwide manufacturers as IBM, Zebra, Datalogic, Ingenico, Spacepole, Toshiba Tec Corp, Akerstroms, Laurel, Olivetti etc.
CHD has obtained 70% of the market share for general retail automation products such as basic electronic cash registers. There are two major competitors in this segment.
The most important market segment is the provision of total solutions for big retail outlets such as supermarkets, department stores and shopping centers. CHD develops complete automation systems with back-office computer systems and front-office POS systems. In most cases, bar code technology is used for fast and reliable product tracking. CHD is the leading company in this segment.
CHD is able to maintain such a large market share due to several reasons. CHD serves most of the best reference customers. CHD development team is selected of experienced and professional engineers. And for such a wide customer base the offered products and systems have to be constantly improved and customized.
CHD applies extensive knowledge in the development of retail automation systems. CHD is also planning to diversify the product range in other market segments, utilizing similar technologies to use the current engineering potential.
CHD has a wide distribution network around the entire country.