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Produkta tips: Coin rolls packing machine

16 packages in one minute - speed of coin rolls packing machine NGZ 8008

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NGZ 8009 produces large amounts of stackable coin roll packages. The coin rolls are well protected and can be stored in a minimum of space. By using clear plastic film it is easy to control the content of each package.

NGZ 8009 typically produces 12 packs of 10 or 16 packs of 5 coin rolls per minute.

NGZ 8009 comprises a horizontal conveyor belt, whose length varies according to the number of wrapping machines being used in the system, guides the coin rolls from the wrapping machines to the NGZ 8009.
As soon as enough coin rolls are collected in the packaging unit the process of wrapping the rolls with film starts automatically. Wrapped packages are fed to the shrink oven and pass the cooling station before they leave the machine on the outlet track.

  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced heat up and cool down periods
  • Improved temperature profile for consistent shrinking process
  • Enhanced temperature control
  • Compatible with conveyor system of NGZ 8008 and 8007
  • Accessories: Loose coin lifts and automatic loose coin feeding equipment
  • Different conveyors, outlet tracks and additions like weighing equipment, container racks and even a stacking robot suit all possible applications


Dimensions: 2160 x 1470 x 720mm
Weight: 285 kg
Power: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Noise level: 63 dB (A)
Packing: single and double packages
Packing speed: 16 single, 12 double packages per min.