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Produkta tips: Coin rolls packing machine

Semiautomatic high speed coin roll packing system

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NGZ 8611 is a new semiautomatic coin roll packaging system. The coin rolls are packed in two rows of five pieces into shrink film bags. This way of coin rolls packing meets the requirements of many Central Banks. The high packing capacity of about 60 rolls per minute is achieved by automatic feeding of the coin rolls into the bag. This enables the operator to prepare the next bag, to put completed packages into the shrinking tunnel and to pick up shrunk packages from the outlet track.

The NGZ 8611 can be used with two coin wrapping machines in order to achieve the best possible throughput of coins. The unit is controlled by PLC and only a simple foot switch is used to start and stop the unit including the coin wrappers. During operation the automatic feeding of coin rolls into the bags is controlled by the operator putting new bags onto the holders. The current status of the system is indicated by a two colour signal lamp. A range of different outlet tracks is available giving flexibility to cope with different room situations. The shrink oven temperature and the oven´s conveyor belt speed can be a adjusted separately. The 8611 can control up to three coin wrappers. It is basically possible to use the oven for the packing of bank notes too. The automatic filling of the bags allows fast and efficient packing of coin rolls.


  • High speed packing for medium-sized amount of coins
  • PLC contolled
  • Two feeding units
  • Up to three coin wrappers connectable
  • Different outlet tracks for individual space requirements
  • Signal lamp for controlling status


Dimensions: 2585 (L) x 900 (W) x 1440(H) mm
Power: wrapper: 230 V, 50 Hz, 0,25 KW
packing oven: 3*400 V, 50 Hz, 7,2 KW
Packing: standard packages with 2 rows of 5 coins
Packing speed: up to 6 packages (60 rolls) per minute
Required space: app. 10-11 m2 with 2 coin wrappers, conveyors and outlet track
Working height: 800 mm