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Produkta tips: Coin checking system

Fast, precise and modern coin checking system

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The Coin Checking System NGZ 6000 can inspect and count up to 1200 coins per minute. Safe rejection of forged, foreign and damaged coins is secured by eight totally independent sensors providing the unique three way recognition: dimensions, material and image.

Each coin is subject to an accurate check on diameter and thickness, before it passes on to a second stage alloy, magnetic and rim (edge) check. Coins which successfully pass these tests are then subjected to an image test, this image test compares the image with stored data using DSP technology and rejects those coins outside the image specification. NGZ 6000 meets the requirements of many Central Banks
  • Counts and checks up to 1.200 coins per minute
  • Three way recognition using 8 independent sensors
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing-technology for image recognition
  • Adjustable image quality specification
  • Replenishment from coin reservoir to complete batch quantities
  • Includes a complete software package for controlling and statistics
  • Meets the demands of many Central Banks


Dimensions: 2360 x 1700 x 1000 mm
Power: 230V AC/ 50 Hz
Noise level: 78 dB(A)
Processing speed: 1200 coins per minute
Coin diameter: 15 - 32 mm
Coin thickness: 1 - 3.3 mm