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Produkta tips: Coin checking system

System for fast and effective coin inspection.

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NGZ LCC-20 is inspecting images of coins at high speed. Foreign coins, different denomination coins, dirty coins etc. will be automatically detected and rejected even if they are exactly the same in size and material as the genuine coin.

LCC-20 is also equipped with a Magnetic Detector for detecting forged coins. The large graphic LCD display gives the operator illustrated guidance for easy and foolproof operation.

    * High Speed Image Detection
    * User-friendly operation 

    * Additional magnetic detection


Dimensions: 410x630x900 mm
Weight: 90 kg
Power: 200-240V AC, 50-60 Hz
Count speed: up to 1600 coins per minute
Processing speed: up to 1600 coins per minute
Coin diameter: 15-32 mm
Coin thickness: 1-3.3 mm