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Cisco AG 1130

Produkta tips: Wireless access point

High capacity, high security, and enterprise-class features

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Dual-band lightweight or autonomous access point with integrated antennas for easy deployment in offices and similar RF environments

Access point

  • Two high-performance IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g radios offering 108 Mbps of capacity
  • 2.4- and 5 GHz integrated diversity omnidirectional antennas for easy deployment without external antennas
  • Available in either a lightweight version, or an autonomous version that may be field-upgraded to lightweight operation
  • Low-profile plastic case
  • 32 MB of memory with 16 MB of storage
  • Operating temperature range of 0 to 40°C
  • Inline power support (Cisco pre-standard and 802.3af)
  • Console port for management
  • Support for the Cisco Self-Defending Network, NAC, WPA, and 802.11i/WPA2
  • Integrated and secure mounting system
  • UL2043-rated for placement in plenum areas

More about wireless access point please read at Cisco website.