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CHD 2300

Produkta tips: Electronic cash register

Small, compact and portable

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CHD 2300 is a powerful mobile solution that offers you extra convenience and versatility of applications.
This is the right tool for open air spaces and markets,delivery business, as well as middle and small size shops with or without regular power supply.
The rechargeable batteries provide a regular 8-hour operation in case ECR is disconnected from mains power supply. Because of its compact design and small footpint, CHD 2300 is appropriate for small size shops, making the placement of cash register a simple task.
The new and powerful solution, based on 32 bit CPU organizes the ECR functions, making them more stable and faster. It offers you a list of regular mid-range cash register functionality Business activity management can be simply achieved by connecting CHD 2300 to office PC. Obtaining the sales reports and ECR data configuration is one of the basic features provided by the small and powerful CHD 2300.

Now available also in dark grey color and with waterproof protection.

ECR parameters

PLU: 4000
Departments: 8
Tender media: 3
Currency: 5
Operators: 10
Receipt header: 7 lines
Graphical logo: Yes

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 290(W)mm x 210(L)mm x 110(H)mm (without drawer)
Dimensions (drawer): 340mm(W) x 360mm(L) x 110mm(H)
Weight: 1.8 kg ERC + 2.8 kg drawer
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Grey or dark grey
Power: 230 Vac (50/60 Hz), 12 V
Power consumption: 10 W
Operation temp.: 0ºC to +40ºС
Absolut humidity: 10% - 80%
Humidity: Optional cover available
Sound indicator: Beeper
Keyboard: Stroke
Keys: 34
Display: LCD
Client display: 1 x 16 numeric digits
Clerk display: 1 x 16 alphanumeric digits
Drawer: 8 coins, 4 notes
Communication ports: RS232
Number of ports: 1


Printer: 2 station thermal
Print speed: up to 35 mm/s
Number of columns: 20
Paper roll diameter: 50 mm
Paper width: 38 mm
Paper change: Easy drop-load system


Type: 6х2500mA option


Battery: 6 x 2500 mAh batteries, rechargeable
Operating duration: Aprox. 8 hours (depends on batteries status)
Modes: Powerline, batteries or car charger

Additional devices

Scanner: yes


With drawer Thumbnail
Dark grey housing Thumbnail
Waterproof version Thumbnail


Driver download: Download page
Specification: CHD2300 specification