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CHD 3550

Produkta tips: Electronic cash register

Electronic Cash register with flat keyboard

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The new CHD 3550 provides you a same bunch of typical regular cash register functions together with a features which become important when customer is looking for a perfect machine to rely on for an affordable price.

Different types of retail environment: pubs, bars, coffe shops or take aways are the bussiness this ECR is designed for.
CHD 3550 fast two station printer with drop-load mechanism saves your patience and time spent for paper loading. 58mm wide paper provides easy readable sales receipts and reports.
Two line display provides detailed sales related information and instructions for operator.
Flat 90 key keyboard has a waterproof design and provides an easy access to all neccesary functin keys and articles. Customer can create and configure the best suitable and convenient layout for each particular place of ECR to be installed.
Effective ECR information update and data transfer is handled by backoffice software using ECR communications and Ethernet.

CHD ECR Manager is simple software which allows
to connect your cash register to PC without need
to buy expensive BackOffice software.

Read more about CHD ECR Manager ....

CHD ECR Manager

ECR parameters

PLU: 1000 (up to 20000)
Departments: 20
Tender media: 5
Currency: 4
Operators: 20
Receipt header: 7 lines
Graphical logo: TBA

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 300(W)mm x 390mm(L) x 170(H)mm (without drawer)
Dimensions (drawer): 410mm(W) x 430mm(L) x 110mm (H)
Weight: 3Kg ECR + 8 Kg drawer
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Grey
Power: 230VAC +/-10%
Keyboard: Flat
Keys: 90
Client display: Numeric, 10 digits
Clerk display: 2 lines (10/16), alphanumeric
Drawer: 8 coins, 4 notes
Network: Ehernet (option)


Printer: Thermal
Print speed: 60 mm/s
Print width: 58mm
Number of columns: 32
Paper: Thermal
Paper roll diameter: 57 mm
Paper change: Drop-load system


Specification: CHD 3550 Specification