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CHD 8600

Produkta tips: POS system

All-In-One POS system

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The new, stylish CHD 8600 is an all-in-one POS system. The processor unit is mounted inside the display, so there are no other boxes under the table – everything for running the device is located behind the display screen. Thanks to the passive cooling system, the device works completely noiseless. The stylish CHD 8600 design will suit any interior style and design.


CPU: AMD Geode LX800
RAM: DDR SDRAM 512 MB (Max. 1Gb)
HDD: 2.5" 60Gb (Max. 250Gb)
Operator display: Touch
15" TFT LCD, XGA(1024X768), 250 cd/m^2 Non-Glare Type
Ports: 4 RS-232
RJ-11 Cash Drawer
LAN: yes
Audio: yes, with speakers
MSR: option

Physical parameters

Modular / one-piece: All-In-One system
Dimensions: 350(W) X 320(H) X 50(D) mm
Power: 12V, 5.0A