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Ingenico 3300

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Compact and secure pin pad

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Ingenico 3300 is a high security countertop PIN Pad ideal for use in multilane retail and single point-of-sale-environments.

Thanks to its EMV smart card reader, the transition to Chip&PIN becomes easy for the cardholder. Based on Ingenico’s new UNICAPT 32-bit architecture and coming with an EMV level 2 kernel, it provides fast pro-cessing of powerful cryptographic algorithms. It offers a fast and easy way to adapt the existing point-of-sale systems to new EMV and PIN entry standards.

Ingenico 3300 has been designed to ensure user friendliness with its large graphic display, backlit keypad and lateral keys.

Physical and logical security

Ingenico 3300 is Visa International PED certified.
Multi application security is provided by UNICAPTTM technology permitting several applications to run independently on the same device. An additional benefit is the portability of applications across the whole range.

Multiple functions
Up to 4 Security Access Modules (SAMs).
Secure downloading of new applications using local or remote download. Multiple languages supported.

Ergonomic design
Optional privacy shield complies with all international security standards (ZKA, Interpay, BSK…)
Designed to optimise counter space.
Function keys permitting a quick and simple way to access different applications.
Large graphic display offering clear presentation of data and commands.

Simple and cost-effective transition to EMV 4

Compatible with the whole range of Ingenico countertop terminals(TT41, TT42, i5100, etc.), i3300 provides merchants with a quick solution to open their business to EMV based payment cards.
It offers a cost effective way to upgrade existing point-of-sale operations to comply with EMV and PIN entry standards.
i3300 is available in RS232 or USB version


Memory: 512KB SRAM +1MB Flash Memory
1MB SRAM + 4MB Flash Memory (option)
Processor: ARM 32bits
SAMs: Up to 4 SIMs
Security: VISA PED online/offline certified
ZKA certified
Keypad: 15 keys. 2+2 lateral keys. Backlit
Smart card reader: EMV level 1 approved. ISO 7816 1-2-3.Async/Sync. T=0 & T=1
Interface: RS232
Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 80 mm
Weight: 367 g
Environmental: 5C - 40C