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Produkta tips: Mobile computer

Stylish design, modern technologies and industry grade protection

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Design and comfort

Today when customers are looking for stylish design in every device this trend has strongly influenced also the field where until now ruggedness and durability were chosen in favour of design.

Computer Hardware Design proves that is possible to make stylish mobile computer and keep it with industry grade protection for harsh environments.

In-field usertested ergonomic design of CHD SiX has rendered a lightweight and uncommonly well balanced device that reduces stress and fatigue during extended work sessions. Its sculptured back case is shaped to comfortably accommodate any hand size so it is easy to hold. Ergonomically positioned side scan buttons on both sides give the most comfort for all users.

Most frequently used buttons are arranged so that they can be reached with a thumb to make input as easy and comfortable as possible even after prolonged period of work. Hand strap and stylus add more comfort in daily use.

Both scan engines are positioned with approximately 30 degree bended scanning angle downwards to give users maximum comfort and productivity for scanning. Its superior design helps to facilitate workforce satisfaction in retail stores, on loading docks or on delivery routes.

Tomorrow’s technologies for today

For today’s growing requirements CHD SiX packs modern technologies that will not outdate in near future. Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 powered with Intel ® X-Scale PXA300 624MHz processor ensures that device will be suited for almost any sophisticated application required in daily use.

CHD SiX excellent graphics are boasted with 2.8” 240x320px QVGA LCD touch screen display that able to retain full visibility even in bright sunlight. Adjustable backlight ensures clear readability in all ambient light situations.

Large onboard memory (up to 256Mb) will be enough for almost all applications. User accessible MicroSD card slot enables quick and easy access to memory expansion for data storage or backups. Mobility is today’s standard and CHD SiX’s wireless communication capabilities WLAN (IEEE 802.11b/g) and Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15) provide stable, secure and instant communications for online applications and data exchange.  Also a model with GSM/GPRS communications will be available.

1D laser scanner or 2D imager provides clear readings of almost all standard barcodes even in poor lighting conditions.

Today work must continue without any stops. CHD SiX battery lasts for a full work shift and if work continues, easily removable battery cover provides easy access for battery switching. For additional comfort and longer working shifts CHD offers batteries with extended capacity. 4 slot battery charger provides easy battery charging and management whereas vehicle charger provides maximum mobility. A full set of accessories is available.

Rugged protection

CHD SiX has been extensively tested to ensure its abilities to withstand harsh everyday industrial use. Mobile terminal is protected with industry grade protection against dust, moisture and accidental drops. As a result device can withstand multiple 1.5m drops and has an IP64 rating. Wide operating temperature range (-100C to 600C) and resistant outer casing makes CHD SiX suitable for indoor and outdoor use in almost any environment.

The CHD SiX is ideal for industrial applications in retail, transportation and logistics. Everywhere, where precious data capture is crucial.

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 171 L x 58 grip / 66 display W x 25 H mm
Weight: 250g
Keys: 12 Alphanumeric; 3 Scan buttons
1 Navigation; 2 Function buttons
9 Ctrl buttons
Programmable keys: 4
Keypad backlight: Yes
Operating temperature: -10ºC to +60ºC
Shock resistance: Multiple 1.5m drops on concrete
Protection: IP64
Indicators: Audio/LEDs/Vibration
Audio: Loudspeaker, mic
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Silver/black
Country of production: China


Operating system: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
CPU: Intel® X-Scale PXA300 624MHz
Memory: RAM: 64MB/128MB/256MB
ROM: 128MB/256MB
Display: 2.8” 240x320 px, TFT Color, Touch screen
Expansion slot: Micro SD

Barcode scanner

Scanner: Laser or Imager
Laser: Symbol SE-955 or Symbol SE-4400 2D Imager (оption)
Scan speed: 104 scans/s ± 12 scans/s (bi-directional)
Scan field: 1m max


Serial: yes
USB: yes


Wireless: Wifi - IEEE 802.11b/g
Bluetooth: yes - IEEE 802.15 v2.0
Data transfer speed: 802.11b - 11MB/s
802.11g - 54 MB/s
Antenna: integrated
Frequency: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz
Transmitter output: 10 mW
GSM/GPRS: option


Battery: rechargeable
Li-Ion 2000 mAh
Duration: Max 8 Hours
(depends on battery status)
Standby time: up to 20 days
Depends on battery status
Power adaptor: 5V 2A, 110/230V AC


  • Single-slot USB/RS232 charging cradle with spare battery charger
  • Four-slot battery charger

Additional extras

SD Card
USB client, serial interface and charging cable
Portable thermal printer  with MSR reader, Serial/USB and Bluetooth interface


Specification: CHD SiX specification