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Stock Control

Inventory software for mobile computers and portable data terminals

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Stock Control is an inventory software that is designed specially for CHDs portable data terminals CHD One, CHD Five and CHD Six. Stock Control is easy to use, lightweight and fully functional software for all basic tasks in stocks and warehouses. Additional functionality provides possibility to process orders, incoming goods etc.

Data exchange is provided using cradle and StockControl back office software. Please download software from our website's download page d_s_right_up.gif.

Stock Control main functions:

Basic inventory module

Asset inventory
Advanced inventory module

Inventory with shelves
Inventory using shelves codes

Inventory with shelves and rows

Price change
Change items price

Item check
Displays all items information.

Create orders

Acceptance of goods
Register incoming items. Also add supplier information and invoice number.

Process orders. Possible to add additional customer information.

Stock Control can be used with following terminals: