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Self Service Checkout

Gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the shopping experience through speed and convenience with Self Checkout Systems

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Build and maintain customer loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the shopping experience through speed and convenience with Self Checkout Systems.

Bringing together its successful and proven self checkout hardware with groundbreaking new software technology, CHD offers even more rugged, flexible line of configurable self checkout solutions that provide consumers and retailers more choices than ever before.

A key new component of Checkout Environment for Consumer-Service (CHEC) software, which changes the way retailers implement and manage the self checkout environment. This powerful new software enables Retailers to deploy self checkout solutions more quickly and efficiently, helping to reduce time and cost.

Self Checkout Systems now can support a broad range of consumer preferences for payment, such as cash and non-cash transactions, and offer a variety of belted or scan-and-bag extensions that fit the needs of just about any retail environment.


Ultimate usability innovates how consumers transact.
A consumer-driven ergonomic design and highly intuitive user interface optimize throughput and boost customer loyalty.

Complete solution manageability increases availability.
Front-end serviceable hardware systems and an end-to-end system management solutions optimize system uptime for around-the-clock store operations.

Greater control and flexibility extend functionality.
New software puts control back into your hands, making it easier to manage and maintain a highly reliable, available self checkout environment.

Industry-leading POS integration improves reliability.
A new high-level, point-of-sale (POS) interface facilitates a more robust client/server integration, helping increase reliability and making investing in self checkout easier than ever.

Scan & Bag system

Scan & bag systems

Fast and easy for shoppers to process orders

  •  Smart bag removal feature allows for bags to be removed during order without stopping the scanning process — leads to faster processing while still maintaining effective loss prevention.
  • Help and response audio prompts help shoppers resolve their errors on their own easily and quickly.

Security features to help reduce shrink
  • Fully configurable, three-level weight-based security has adjustable weight tolerances to facilitate faster throughput and help lower intervention rates.
  • Weighted shelf on six-bag carousel models provides space to place bulky, heavy items with additional weight-secure area to place bags.
Range of models offer the ultimate flexibility
  •  Variety of models can be placed at the front end as well as remote departments.
  • Ideal for retailer with high percentage of express to mid-size orders and limited front end space.
  • Can combine various models to maximize ROI .

Models available include:
  • One bag model
  • Two bag model
  • Three bag model
  • Six bag carousel models

Key features

Mobile Terminal Software

  • Designed to provide faster checkout and exceptional customer service.
  • Patented software helps associate monitor and control self checkout lanes from anywhere in the store.
  • Eliminates the need for fixed monitoring station.
  • Works in conjunction with a handheld mobile terminal which has scanner for large items, to help speed checkout.
  • Offers active messaging capability.
  • Enables shopper assistants to control lane functions such as age verification.