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SpacePole mounts

Product type: Mounts

Adjustable poles for convenient installation of POS systems

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The challenges of integrating technology with existing or new furniture can cause problems for almost every retailer. SpacePole® provides a universal solution to this by placing the equipment on a unique, modular system of 'plates and poles'. This improves the ergonomics of the checkout, enhances the safety of the equipment and reclaims valuable counter space.

Improved Space Efficiency

The EPOS equipment is raised off the counter, enabling the most effective use of space available for the processing of customer transactions.

Improved Ergonomics

The position of the equipment can be quickly and simply adjusted to meet the requirements for individual staff members. By improving the ergonomics of the checkout, cashier productivity and accuracy are enhanced.

Improved Safety and Security of Technology

The equipment can be securely attached to the plates to help prevent accidental damage or un-authorised removal. Trailing cables are clipped to the system to keep them safe and tidy, or alternatively, may be run inside the poles to keep them out of sight.

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