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CHD 3010T

Produkta tips: Electronic Cash Register

Simple but powerful

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CHD 3010T is created to achieve maximum benefit from precise data processing and to minimize the customer serving time. 
  • Termal printers provide especially silent and fast receipt printing.
  • Enter up to 1000 goods and divide them into 20 departments
  • Connect your CHD 3010T to PC to provide easy management of goods and checking of the sales reports.
  • To provide faster operation, connect your CHD 3010T to a barcode reader.

CHD ECR Manager is simple software which allows
to connect your cash register to PC without need
to buy expensive BackOffice software.

Read more about CHD ECR Manager ....

CHD ECR Manager

ECR parameters

PLU: 1000 (extendable)
Departments: 20
Tender media: 5
Currency: 4
Operators: 20
Receipt header: 7 lines
Reports: Financial – daily, accumulative Department – all, range, daily, accumulative PLU – all, groups, range, daily, accumulative Clerk - all, range, daily, accumulative PLU clerk sales PLU stock – all, groups Hourly In-drawer Fiscal – range, periodic

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 305 mm (W) x 385 mm (L) x 170 mm (H)
Dimensions (drawer): 410 mm (W) x 430 mm (L) x 110 mm (H)
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Grey
Power: 220V AC +/- 10%
Power consumption: 40W max, 6W stand-by
Operation temp.: 0°C to +40°C
Keyboard: Stroke
Keys: 53
Clerk display: Alpha-numeric, 10/10 digits
Communication ports: RS-232C
Number of ports: 2


Printer: Thermo
Print speed: 60 mm/s (max 13 lines/sec)
Number of columns: 20
Paper: Thermal
Paper roll diameter: Ø60 mm
Paper width: 38 mm


Driver download: Download page
Specification: CHD 3010T Specification