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Produkta tips: Portable data terminal

Rugged, small and compact - new CHD One.
Bundled with warehouse software - ideal solution for logistics.

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Marvell® PXA300 624MHz, Windows CE.NET
The new CHD ONE is the latest generation mobile computer device, combining a pocket-sized rugged form factor with the flexibility of Microsoft’s CE .NET 5.0 operating system and Marvell® PXA300 624MHz processor. CHD ONE is designed for retail, warehousing and logistics applications, where maximum performance and durability is required in a compact handheld device. 

The Most Advanced Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Scan Intensive Applications
The user-tested ergonomic design of CHD ONE has rendered a lightweight and uncommonly well-balanced device that reduces stress and fatigue during extended work sessions.  Its sculpted back case is shaped to comfortably accommodate any hand size .  

Comfort and Easy to Use with 25 Degree Tilted Scanning Direction
CHD ONE has a unique design concept for scan engine positioning the first time in the industry. The scan engine with 25 degrees tilted scanning angle pointed downwards gives the users the maximum comfort and  productivity for scanning. Its superior design concept helps to facilitate and increase workforce satisfaction inside the retail store, on the loading dock or on a delivery route. 

Outstanding Durability
CHD ONE is designed from the ground up for rugged applications. With its IP54 sealing, 1.2m repeated drops to concrete, and wide operating temperature range CHD ONE stands up to any demanding application task.

Warehouse Software
CHD ONE is bundled with warehouse software CHD StockControl. The preinstalled software allows to perform all major warehouse, retail and logistics related tasks. CHD Stock Control provides the following functions:  inventory, asset inventory, inventory with shelves, inventory with shelves and rows, price change, item check, receipt, acceptance of goods, registration of incoming items and order processing.

Read more about CHD Stock Controld_s_right_up.gif  

Download drivers for CHD Stock Controld_s_right_up.gif  

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 157mm (W) x 25.3mm (D) x 2.24 mm (H)
Weight: 210g with battery
12 alphanumeric, 1 scan, 6 function keys,
7 programmable keys and navigation key
Programmable keys: 7
Keypad backlight: Yes
Operating temperature: -10°C - +50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C - +70°C
Humidity durability: 95%, non-condensing
Shock resistance: Multiple 1.2 m drops onto concrete
Protection: IP54
Sound indicators: Yes
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Black


Operating system: Windows CE
CPU: Marvell® PXA300 624MHz
Memory: 64MB RAM/128MB RAM
Display: 2.4“ QVGA (240x320px) , 65K color TFT-LCD, with backlight

Barcode scanner

Scanner: 1D laser Symbol
Barcodes: Only 1D barcodes


Serial: Yes
USB: Yes


Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V, 2,200mAh
Duration: ~ 8 hours
Power supply: 230V AC +/- 10% Power supply: 5V DC 2A


  • Single-slot USB charging cradle with spare battery charger
  • Four-slot battery charger

Additional extras

SYNC CABLE : USB interface and charging cable


Specification: PDF