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CHD 2020T

Produkta tips: Electronic cash register

Small and simple!

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ECR CHD2020T is small and simple system for affordable price!

  • Thermal printer provides fast and silent reciept printing..
  • Memory alows to store up to 1000 PLUs divided into 8 departments
  • 3 tender medias and easy discount system provides fast and easy customer serving.

ECR parameters

PLU: 1000
Departments: 8
Tender media: 5
Currency: 3
Receipt header: 5 lines
Reports: Financial Department PLU Hourly In-drawer

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 425 W x 325 L x 230 H mm
Weight: 5.2 Kg
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Grey
Power: 220V AC +/- 10%
Power consumption: 22W max
Operation temp.: 0°C – 40°C
Absolut humidity: 10%-90%
Sound indicator: Beeper
Keyboard: Stroke
Number of keys: 37
Client display: Numeric, 10 digits
Clerk display: Numeric, 10 digits
Communication ports: RS-232C
Number of ports: 1


Specification: CHD 2020T specification