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Olivetti MB-2

Produkta tips: Document printer

The ideal tool for Document Platform solutions

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MB-2 is a multifunction printer for bank front offices. With its ultra-compact dimensions and extensive range of functions, MB-2 simplifies front-office installations and supports new applications.

MB-2 is the ideal tool for Document Platform solutions, enabling text and image acquisition directly by the cashier. Functions such as optical character recognition and magnetic code line recognition are just two of the many options available.
MB-2 is compatible with the applications currently implemented on the PR2, Olivetti’s highly successful bank printer.

  • A4 duplex scanner, black/white, greyscale and colours up to 600 dpi
  • 24-dot matrix printer with auto-border and auto-alignment
  • three-port USB 2.0 HUB, including a front-facing port
  • three-port USB 2.0 HUB, including a front-facing port
  • operator display for machine messages and application messages

Contact image sensor, flat bed
Resolution 600/300/200 dpi
Acquisition One pass, front and rear
Colours RGB 24 bit / 256 greys / 16 greys / BW
Other Functions TWAIN driver
JPEG compression
Filtering, rotation
Multiple windows selections (up to 9)
Scanning Speed Max 10 inch/s (greyscale)
Full colours 3.3 inch/s
Document format Image width up to 210 mm
Width: 65÷245 mm
Length: 70÷330 mm
Thickness: 0.08÷1.8 mm
Rigid documents Unembossed credit and ID cards

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 384 x 296 x 204 mm
Weight: 10.5
Case: plastic
Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz


Printer: 24 pin dot matrix
Print speed: @10 cpi -
NLQ: 185 cps
LQ: 125 cps
BIM: 2000 dps
Print width: 238,76 mm (94 columns at 10 cpi)
Resolution: 240 x 360 dpi
Fonts: OCR A-B, ROMAN, Sans Serif, Italic, Courier
Ribbon cartrige: 10 million characters
Interface: USB; RS232, Parallel
Document handling: Feed width: 245mm
Completely flat paper feed
Automatic insertion with autoborder
Automatic document-thickness monitoring