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CHD 5010T Flat

Produkta tips: Electronic Cash Register

It can do more than you can imagine

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CHD 5010T flat offers hospitality version with flat keyboard.Powerfull and reliable. ECR is made to satisfy all your needs. 
  • Thermal printer provides extra silent and fast printing
  • CHD 5010T can store up to 30000* goods and if needed you can divide them into 99 departments. 
  • Enter up to 15000* customers into CHD 5010T memory and you will be able to manage discounts and also use customers data to easy print customers requisites on reciept.
  • Connect CHD5010T to PC and you will be able to manage reprots add new goods. CHD5010T can be easily connected to different ERP type programms
  • Connect barcode reader, electronic scale and magnetic card reader and you will get full powered system. 
  • Connect CHD5010T to modem, and remote accest to ECR is ready.
  • Only CHD5010T can print graphical logo on reciept.

* With additional memory. Default 500 goods or 250 customers.

CHD ECR Manager is simple software which allows
to connect your cash register to PC without need
to buy expensive BackOffice software.

CHD ECR Manager

ECR parameters

PLU: 800, (15000 or 30000 with aditional card)
Departments: 99
Tender media: 30
Currency: 3

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 41(W) x 43(L) x 17(H) cm
Dimensions (drawer): 41(W) x 43(L) x 11(H) cm
Case: Plastic
Case colour: Grey
Power: 220V AC +/- 10%
Operation temp.: 0°C – 40°C
Absolut humidity: 10%-90%
Sound indicator: Pīkstulis
Keyboard: Stroke
Keys: 120
Client display: numeric, 10 digits
Clerk display: Alpha-numeric, 10/10 digits
Communication ports: RS-232C
Number of ports: 3 (5 if using Arcnet)
Network: ARCNET, (in future Ethernet)
Country of production: Japan


Printer: Termo
Print speed: 60 mm/s (15 rows/s)
Print width: 2 x 60 mm
Paper: Termo
Paper roll diameter: Ø70 mm
Paper width: 60 mm


Driver download: Download page