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Datalogic Magellan 8500Xt

Produkta tips: Stationary scanner/scale

The Magellan 8500Xt scanner/scales are the culmination of recent developments by Datalogic Scanning in high-performance fixed position scanning for the Retail Industry. No other bar code scanner designed for high volume retail performs better, has better reliability, or has the combination of features that translate into a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) than the Magellan 8500Xt products. The Magellan 8500Xt scanner/scale inherits the Magellan brand's renowned reputation for performance and reliability that has made Magellan the number one high-performance retail scanner brand in the world.

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OmegaTek Productivity Technology is comprised of hardware and software innovations that significantly improve scanner performance by increasing the scanning speed and by improving the first pass read rates on hard-to-read bar codes.
This yields industry leading scan speeds and first-pass-read-rates while:
  • Improving front end checkout productivity by reducing or eliminating re-scans or no-scans
  • Improving customer service by reducing the time a customer has to wait in the checkout line 
The Magellan 8200 has a powered auxiliary RS232 port for integrating a PSC handheld scanner for those large or heavy items that are often left in the shopping cart.
Every Magellan 8200 also includes FirstStrike®, PSC’s advanced decoding software for reading torn, poorly printed and disfigured labels of all types. FirstStrike has the ability to automatically discriminate all supported symbologies, including support for Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).
Magellan 8200 also supports industry standard host terminal interfaces right out of the box, including RS232, IBM 46XX, and IBM USB.

Physical parameters

Dimensions: 29.2 cm W x 12.7 cm (below counter) + 17.8 cm (above counter) H x 42.2/50.8 cm L
Weight: 8,2 kg - 11.8 (depends on model)
Power: 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 9 Watts (nominal); 17 Watts (maximum)
Operating temp.: 10°C to +40°C
Operating humidity: 5 - 95% NC


Laser: 64 lines
Scan speed: 6400 lines/sec
Scan distance: 15.2 cm max
Interface: IBM 46XX, RS-232, USB
  • UPC Versions A & E
  • UPC Supplementals (Bookland & Coupon Code)
  • UPC Add-ons (sub 2 or P2, sub 5 or P5 & C128)
  • Reduced Space Symbology (RSS-14, expanded and stacked)
  • EAN 8, 13
  • JAN 8, 13
  • EAN/JAN two label
  • UCC/EAN 128
  • Code 39 (with full ASCII)
  • Code 128
  • Code 93
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Italian Pharmacode
  • Codabar/NW7
  • MSI/Plessey


Capacity: 9.99 kg / 15 kg
Minimum increment: 0.005 kg